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The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory

Welcome Boys and Ghouls to the site dedicated to chilling tales and paranormal phenomenon of Santa Cruz County.

Here, you can take a tour of over 100 of the historic county’s most alleged haunted sites.

Note: Due to the abundant amount of ghost stories told just in the city of Santa Cruz, I have divided the Santa Cruz hauntings into 4 parts (pages), which are in alphabetical order for your convenience. 

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santa cruz ghost directory

Many of these ghost stories are from the author’s published paperback books, The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory  ©2018, Supernatural Santa Cruz  © 2011, Supernatural Santa Cruz- Second Edition © 2013, and The California Ghost Directory  © 2015; are available for purchase on 

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The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory, santa cruz haunted, ghosts santa cruz

The Santa Cruz Ghost Directory  © 2018  is available for purchase in paperback and Kindle on

For more information, check out the 'Books by Aubrey Graves' page on this website.

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santa cruz haunted ghosts Alfred hitchcock

To read all about the famous Santa Cruz resident Alfred Hitchcock, and his former haunted home located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, see page titled, "Scotts Valley"  

santa cruz ghosts haunted scary hotel haunts
santa cruz ghosts haunted scary hotel haunts
White Lady of Santa Cruz

The author in 1999  at the old White Lady's house, Santa Cruz​

Santa Cruz haunted

All of the hauntings and ghost stories being told around Santa Cruz County have inspired me to investigate these allegations. Join me as I share both legends and true encounters, as we venture into the world of the unknown ..


~ Aubrey Graves

Santa Cruz Ghost stories


Map of Santa Cruz County
Holy Cross Cemetery Santa Cruz Aubrey Graves

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