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The Old Davenport Hospital, Saint Vincent DePaul Church, Waddell Creek

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The Old Davenport Hospital

The former tiny hospital of the little town of Davenport was built in 1910 by the cement plant. It was named Crocker Memorial Hospital after founder, William Crocker.  The hospital was used for a few decades before closing in the 1940s.

In the 1960s and 70s, it was rented by Cal Fire and used as a firehouse. It was during that time ghost stories began to arise.

“People were born there and I suppose people died there … When I reported there for work, I was told by the crew that the place was haunted. They said it was a "playful" ghost in that it would unscrew light bulbs and move things around in the kitchen.

One night I awoke and saw a woman in a white gown, transparent, standing in the doorway of the bedroom. I blinked my eyes and looked again but she was gone.

Another night, the crew was playing cards and we heard foots steps in the hallway, but upon investigation, no one was there.”  - An anonymous Santa Cruz Fireman


Historical Landmark

Year built: 1910

(off Hwy 1)

Davenport, CA 95017


ghosts Davenport haunted

Saint Vincent DePaul Church

For generations, locals have witnessed apparitions coming and going from the Saint Vincent DePaul Church. Some have observed anywhere from one to dozens of ghosts leaving the building at a time. Some who have seen this activity believe that the devoted religious spirits left some kind of imprints on the church, creating a residual haunting. Sometimes they are seen in broad daylight, looking as if they are departing from a funeral or Sunday Worship. It is said that the ghosts are most often witnessed on gloomy, overcast mornings.

ghosts Davenport haunted


Year built: 1915

123 Marine View Avenue

Davenport, CA 95017


Waddell Creek ghosts Davenport haunted

Waddell Creek 

In 1875, a man by the name of William Waddell was walking through the forest on his land with his hunting dog when they got too close to a mama bear and her cub. The bear attacked Waddell and mangled his arm so severely that it had to be amputated, and was then buried in the north coast meadow. Shortly after Waddell’s passing, the mourners set off to unbury his limb for the funeral, but the arm had mysteriously vanished.

As legend has it, ever since the arm’s disappearance, people passing through Waddell Creek will oddly lose their belongings. Random items tend to go missing in the area, and Waddell’s arm is always to blame. Stagecoach drivers would warn their passengers, while passing through the vicinity, to keep their possessions close and to watch out for “the sticky fingers of William Waddell’s arm.” 

Waddell was laid to rest (without his arm) within the Santa Cruz Memorial Cemetery.

Waddell's gravesite ghosts Davenport haunted


Davenport, CA 95017



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