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October 21, 2018

Article from the San Francisco Call newspaper

May 10, 1908

Written by anonymous

It was only last week that Billy Crawford saw the phantom locomotive … Billy Crawford is a young man – just about the age of that young Ames who was saved by the phantom engine way back in 1883, from a lifelong memory of horror. But Billy is more talkative than Ames – and moreover, he was in no danger of discharge if the truth became known. So his particular adventure was a good deal talked about, and the story even spread beyond the limits of the railroad fraternity, and gave indeed, the real impulse which resulted in this article.

Billy has the run between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Down on the peninsula, not many miles out of the city, there is a long level stretch of track, which is a straight as the company rules. Billy was on time. The locomotive which contrary to all railroad rhyme or reason, was running inbound on the outbound track. Billy and the fireman both saw it – and turned pale. It was so altogether out of the sane horizon of their experience. It was almost as if the force of gravity were suddenly reversed. But it was there, sure enough, and drawing steadily nearer. 

Already the headlight was abreast of the rear coach of Crawford’s train. It crept silently – silently. There was terror of it – on and on. Gaining, gaining, and gaining until at last it flashed beside them, neck and neck.

Suddenly it came over Crawford that there was no locomotive of honest iron and steel. It was diaphanous. He could look through it and beyond, and catch a quick shadow of the telegraph poles as they hurried by – catch too, the gleam of passing lights right through the bulk of its huge boiler. And, moreover, there was no one in the cab – neither fireman nor engineer to guide its headlong flight. It was the phantom locomotive.

Crawford was not long in coming to a decision when this fact dawned upon his mind. He had heard of the warning phantom and he knew that its appearance always occurred at a time of danger, which seemed province to avert. He applied the air breaks without delay, and as his train slowed down and stopped the phantom vanished. Swinging to the ground he ran ahead, and there, just in the outer gleam of his headlight, a huge automobile lay overturned upon the track; its frightened occupants crawling stiffly from the wreckage … 

disneyland haunted disney ghosts

Blog Entry # 3: The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland’s HAUNTED Kingdom 

June 29, 2017

“Good evening foolish mortals. I am your ghost … your ghost host.”

I am pleased to announce that my book, The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland’s HAUNTED Kingdom is now available in black and white on; in addition to the Kindle edition and my full-color version that was released in 2012.

Copyright 2017

(and 2012)

Cover Illustrations by: John Gaylen Liberatore

ISBN-10: 1545443041

ISBN-13: 978-1545443040

Paperback: 136 pages

Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

For more information, please see the "Books by Aubrey Graves" page on this website.

Thanks for reading, and happy haunts!

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland’s HAUNTED Kingdom
ghosts santa cruz haunted


March 18, 2017

Ghost hunting is definitely not a game of any sort, and should be taken with great precaution as well as reverence when making contact with the dead. When communicating with spirits, they can become drawn to you for various reasons and can actually follow you home and/or attach themselves to you. This happens many times when a ghost is in need of something, and when it believes that the person whom they are attached to can help them; in hopes that they can communicate more. Other times, spirits attach themselves to certain individuals because of their energy, lifestyle, or personality, or possibly to someone they knew in their past life. Some ghosts feel somehow connected with certain people who walk the earth and feel comfortable around them. The majority of earth-bound spirits are known to be lonely, poignant, and feel trapped; unable to move on to their next venture, almost as if they’re lost in their own purgatory. Occasionally, some spirits are looking for someone who is ultra-sensitive or weak-minded so that they can influence or torment. Even spirits with good intentions can still cause harm to the living unknowingly. 

Many times when someone is being haunted by a ghost, they will feel abnormally lethargic, and sometimes anxious, or even nauseated if they are sensitive. So, if you feel like something is following you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad or evil. It’ll most likely just be a lost soul looking for someone to help show them the way home (to the light). 

Some ghosts will sometimes even seem to know that you are coming, or send for you in subliminal messages or signs. Some will even visit you before you visit them, so be aware of how intuitive their realm really is.

If you don’t work on your divination, or exercise your intuitive abilities (we all have them), and/ or do not know how to protect yourself from the unknown; I highly suggest that you don’t go out in search of spirits, or try communicating with the dead. –Unless you want to learn the hard way, like I did. When I first began ghost hunting, I was unprotected. I had no idea I was playing with fire, and was so venerable without the appropriate protection methods. I had spirits attaching themselves to me left and right … some good, some bad (just like the living). So please be cautious and protect yourself. It might sound a little out there, but so is making contact with ghosts. In the end, it’s all spiritual work; and it’s always better to be safe, than sorry.

Brookdale Lodge ghosts


February 10, 2017

For thousands of years, people have been given the impression that ghosts are frightening and unpleasant. They think that ghosts are out to get us, when really most of them are trying to get our attention, or merely trying to get through the day, just like we are. Many times spirits will try and make contact with people because they need help, guidance, and, or companionship occasionally. Sometimes the spirits make their presence known to help people, and sometimes give them a message or a warning. The activities of ghosts are often misconstrued as being frightening or scary mainly because the majority of us cannot see them. But just remember, they used to be alive, just like us.

Ghosts are a conscious energy and have the essence of a human being, whose spirit remains after their body dies. Ghosts have different appearances and forms; not all are translucent or white and look as though they are wearing a sheet over their head with two holes for eyes. The majority of ghosts don’t have the power to show themselves in full outward appearance. Instead, most of them cast shadows or are seen in the form of an orb. Very few spirits are known to actually look as though they are still alive, possessing a completely solid figure, but it has been said to have happened. Who knows? Maybe you have had an encounter with a spirit, and didn’t even know it.

Most spirits cross over into the light and into another world, or as some call it, Heaven. Unfortunately, some ghosts won’t and, or can’t cross over. This happens for various reasons. Some psychics believe that spirits can’t cross over until they’ve recognized that they are dead, and the accepted the trauma they encountered in their previous life, which could be true in some circumstances. Many ghosts are confused or scared though, which keeps them trapped here, blinded by fear. The majority of the ghosts who haunt the world died in tragic accidents, many times its murder. Some ghosts don’t understand that they aren’t supposed to be in this realm and that there’s another place for them now. A variety of spirits are angry or want revenge; others sometimes attach themselves to certain loved ones, places or even objects from their past life and either can’t or won’t move on. Occasionally, they’ll even adapt to their new way of being and haunt an area for eternity.

Sometimes ghosts stay on our plain because they have unfinished business. There may be something important that needs to be done or said, to allow the spirit to move on. A lot of times, it may just be that the spirit has to forgive what has happened to them.

Some spirits are lost or in denial, actually believing that they are still alive and they go about their ‘lives’ as usual. Others will experience residual hauntings, where the ghosts relive their deaths every day, trapped in an endless nightmare. Many residual hauntings are caused by horrific events which keeps replaying themselves, because the energy is stuck, sometimes forever. Occasionally, ghosts will be stuck in our realm from other spirits keeping them here against their will. Some say ghosts entrap other spirits, to become more powerful and to gain more strength.

I would like to point out that a spirit does not have to die in a place to haunt it. Many ghosts haunt the places they loved the most in life. Yes, some spirits are trapped in one vicinity and cannot travel around, but for the most part, spirits can roam to wherever they please.  

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