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The Highlands House, Love Creek Road, Mountain Community Theater

Highlands Park, Ben Lomond haunted

The Highlands House

The twenty-six-acre park along the San Lorenzo River in Ben Lomond, California, was named by the property’s original owners, Lord and Lady Anderson, who resided on the land in the early 1900s. Lord Anderson named his property “The Highlands” in honor of his rich Scottish Heritage, and sold the land soon after his wife died.

In the late 1930s, the Nasser family bought the land and built the house that still stands today, surrounded by Highlands Park. The family was known to throw parties as they loved to entertain guests in their old home.

In 1977, the county opened a recreational area, naming it San Lorenzo Valley Park; later renamed Highlands Park, in memory of Lord and Lady Anderson.

Just walking around the property, some sensitives can feel the strong residual energy that lingers. It is said by both current and former park employees that ghosts haunt the old, well-kept 1930s house and its surroundings. Disembodied voices and footsteps are heard when no one is present ... no one alive anyway.

Doors in the kitchen are said to unexplainably swing open by an unseen force, as if someone is walking in and out of the room. “Pretty harmless, but entertaining nonetheless.” –Highland Joe, Ghosts of America website.

In October 2012, my friends and I were headed down to the river behind the property and stopped to use the public restroom in front of the house. When psychic Tai Miller, walked out of the bathroom, she saw the ghost of a woman in a dress standing on the balcony of the Highlands House. The woman looked at us for a moment until she saw that she was noticed, and then went back into the house. Tai sensed that the woman had once owned the house.

“She’s not interested in communicating,” Tai said. 

In 2018, it was reported that the hauntings continue and have seem to increased. 


Highlands Park

8500 Highway 9

Ben Lomond, CA 95005


haunted Ben Lomond ghost

Love Creek Road

A little past midnight on January 4, 1982, tragedy struck in The Ben Lomond Mountains. A massive landslide that was estimated to be 500 yards wide and 700 yards long crashed down on dozens of homes overlooking Love Creek Road. A witness recalled seeing “the trees snap like toothpicks” along with others who saw homes filled with mud, and cars completely buried with mud and trees, falling into the San Lorenzo River below.

The horrific mudslide ended up killing ten people. Some were never found. Valley Churches United Missions established an agency in honor of the tragedy. They have lists of the missing people who were never located. Along with their names, phone numbers are attached from loved ones trying to find their long-lost family members and friends.

A large memorial continues to sit about a mile up Love Creek Road, marking the area where two of the most remembered victim’s rest. There, a sign reads:

"Somewhere in this area lie my two grandsons, Trevor, 7 & Kelly, 5.

Please do not dump any trash. Grandma Olsen."

The boy’s bodies had been completely buried by the slide and they were never found. For years many visitors have come to pay their respects to the boys, leaving toys and trinkets at their grave site.

The parents of Trevor and Kelly McCluskey, John and Lynda, both 32, also lost their lives in the landslide that fatal night. Their bodies had been recovered soon after.

Locals and neighbors allege seeing the apparitions that didn’t make it that tragic night wandering the area of Love Creek. Some believe the spirits are trying to uncover their lost bodies.  

haunted Ben Lomond ghost


Ben Lomond, CA 95005


haunted Ben Lomond ghost theater

Mountain Community Theater

Once an old carriage house, the quaint mountain theater was first erected in 1923, by an old local pioneer by the name of Elisha Brooks.

For many years the haunted historic site has been used for plays, performances, and meetings and the residual energy lingers. While visiting the historic site I asked the theater’s handyman if he had ever heard of the building being haunted. “Oh, for sure!” he began. “One of the current employees has even said to have seen a ghost of an elderly man in the theater! I even have experiences here that I can’t explain,” he told me with sincerity. “Many times when I am here alone I hear noises and footsteps above me in the attic.” The handyman explained to me how he would go up to the attic to see if anyone was there, and there never is (or was) ... anyone alive, anyway.

haunted Ben Lomond ghost


Historical Landmark

Year built: 1923

9400 Mill Street

Ben Lomond, CA 95005

(831) 336-4777



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