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The Bayview Hotel, The Forest of Nisene Marks, Seabreeze Tavern, Seacliff State Beach, The Sesnon House

haunted Aptos ghost Bayview Hotel

The Bayview Hotel

The gallant Bayview Hotel was built in 1878 and still stands on Soquel Drive within the cute, quaint Aptos Village. The oldest hotel in Santa Cruz County was built by a pioneer man by the name of Joseph Arano. He and his family ran the hotel until his tragic death in 1928. In the evening of September 21, 1928, a fire started in the west wing of the hotel, which killed Arano in his sleep at 91 years of age.

Bayview Hotel haunted Aptos ghost

The amazing 12-room Victorian structure has been visited by many famous, prominent people, including Lillian Russell, and King Kalakaua of Hawaii. For more than a century, spirits have roamed this hotel, making their presence known by creating an abundance of disturbances with their enigmatic energies. It’s a well-known fact that customers will up and leave in the middle of the night because they are scared out of their wits.

It is alleged that in 1868, hundreds of people who died of Smallpox in the area were buried and covered in lime in one mass grave located right behind the Bayview Hotel, (in the empty lot) and are still buried there today.

Bayview Hotel haunted aptos

All staff members, as well as the current owner and her two daughters have had numerous accounts of paranormal experiences. Ghosts residing at the hotel are known to turn computers and televisions on and off, and change channels right in front of viewers. Many have heard footsteps, as well as disembodied voices, and singing in the halls.

Reports of sightings include the ghost a little boy, who has been seen looking out the windows, and is said to be heard knocking on doors. A spirit of a woman has also been seen in the downstairs bathroom with a child.

Bayview Hotel, Aptos haunted
Bayview Hotel, Aptos haunted
Bayview Hotel, Aptos haunted

In 2013, I spoke with Christina, the Bayview’s current owner since 2002, who affirms that the Hotel is indeed haunted. It would take her all day to explain all of her encounters with the ghosts who reside there. Christina’s first experience was on her very first night in the hotel. She felt a cold gust of wind, and then smelled the scent of roses. Christina turned to where she felt the breeze in the hallway and saw the apparition of a woman standing on the other side of the mirror. Christina’s bed would also shake violently right before she would go to sleep . . . every night for six months.

Christina and her daughters live on the third story of the hotel. They believe that visitors from the past must have passed away on the top floor, possibly the past owner who allegedly died there long ago. I asked Christina where the most paranormal occurrences happen and she verified that it is on the entire second level. The bar at the Bayview is known to have lots of paranormal activity as well.

Just before I had visited in 2013, Christina’s daughter had taken a photo of her refection in the hall mirror. Upon reviewing the photo, she noticed a hand coming from the opposite side of the mirror pushing out from the glass.

Bayview Hotel, Aptos

From stirring apparitions and dark shadows, to faces, orbs, moving objects, disembodied voices, eerie sounds, and its very own graveyard, this haunted hotel really has it all. 

Bayview Hotel haunted Aptos ghost


Historical Landmark

Year built: 1878

8041 Soquel Drive

Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 688-8654


Nisene Marks haunted Aptos ghost

The Forest of Nisene Marks 

There are legends that long ago within the deep, dark forest of Nisene Marks women who lived nearby were killed for practicing witchcraft. According to local folklore, the ghosts of the witches have been seen by hikers hanging from the trees, their eyes pure black and filled with malevolence.


Aptos Creek Road & Soquel Drive

Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 763-7062


Seabreeze Tavern haunted Aptos ghost

The Sea Breeze Tavern

Once known as “the local haunted house,” overlooking Monterey Bay in the Rio Del Mar flats is said to be haunted by the bar’s first owner, Georgia May Derber, whose lonesome and untimely death occurred within the structure. On June 8th, 2004, Georgia’s mummified body was found in her apartment above the bar on her kitchen floor, due to complications of cancer. Because of her reclusive behavior, her body was unnoticed for quite some time, until a Sheriff Deputy just happened to stop by.

In 2007, the Tavern was refurbished and re-opened keeping Georgia in mind. It is claimed that she never left the structure and that her ghost still haunts the vicinity.

Sea Breeze Tavern haunted Aptos ghost
Sea Breeze Tavern aptos haunted


Year built: 1927

101 Esplanade

Aptos, CA 95003

*As of June 2016, the Tavern closed in hopes of re-opening as a hemp bar.


Seacliff State Beach haunted Aptos ghost

Seacliff State Beach

Seacliff State Beach is known for its unique docked concrete ship, which was built in 1919 as a tanker for the end of World War I. Never being launched, it sat in Oakland, CA until being towed to Seacliff Beach in 1929, where it still (barely) sits today. When it first arrived to Aptos, it was converted into an “amusement ship” that included a large swimming pool, café, and even a ballroom. Unfortunately, it closed two years after it’s opening due to bankruptcy. After that, it was made as a fishing pier, until in recent years when it was completely closed off due to safety regulations.

A ghost of an old man has been sighted sitting at the front of the old SS Palo Alto ship fishing. It is said that long ago the fisherman had tripped and fell to his death and now haunts the cement ship. A psychic claimed to have sensed several ghosts surrounding the deteriorating structure.

According to a website dedicated to paranormal phenomenon, the beach and its campgrounds are claimed to be haunted. –“It’s inside your RV that you should worry the most about. Some campers experience sudden suffocation while asleep. A few reported seeing a pair of bright red eyes and smelling decaying flesh before fainting. Others have heard a soft gasp when they woke up…”  


State Park Drive

Aptos, CA 95003


haunted Aptos ghost Sesnon House

The Sesnon House

One ghost story I was told by several of my peers while attending Cabrillo College, was the ghost of the Sesnon House. The house was once occupied by the Porter-Sesnon family before being sold to the Salesian Sisters soon after World War II. The sisters transformed the house into a Catholic school for girls, which they ran until 1978, when it was bought by Cabrillo College.

As the story goes, during the time it was ran as a Catholic College, a student was said to tragically end her life by hanging herself within the Sesnon House. Her ghost is said to haunt the building since her death. 

The Sesnon House


Year built: 1858

6500 Soquel Drive

Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 479- 6229



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