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Blue Ball ParkThe Soquel Cemetery, Soquel High School

Blue Ball Park

As the legend goes, the hill located at Anna Jean Cummings Park (known as Blue Ball Park) is said to be haunted by a young couple who overdosed and died there in the 1970s. Several people have claimed to see the ghostly couple standing on the hill dressed in hippie attire at night. Others claim to have seen their silhouettes sitting beneath a tree holding hands at sunset.



461 Old San Jose Road

Soquel, CA 95073


Soquel Cemetery haunted

The Soquel Cemetery

The Old Soquel Cemetery, also known as the Eternal Home Cemetery, is located in the rolling hills within the city of Soquel, California. For many years there have been stories of the graveyard being haunted.

High EMF has been discovered in broad daylight, orbs have been captured on film; and ghostly shadows have been witnessed.  

Soquel Cemetery haunted ghosts
Soquel Cemetery haunted ghosts
Soquel Cemetery haunted ghosts
Soquel Cemetery haunted ghosts



Year established: 1852

550 Old San Jose Road

Soquel, CA 95073


haunted santa cruz, haunted high school

Soquel High School

Soquel High located on Old San Jose Road in Soquel, CA was established in 1962. Built on empty farmland, presumably owned by the Daubenbiss family, ghosts and residual energy are believed to haunt the property.

A couple Soquel High janitors both have encountered unexplained events while working at the school,  in the day, and also late into the night. 

On one occasion, a current janitor walked into the gymnasium in the middle of the night, when the bleachers on either side of him began to violently shake and rattle without reason. It scared him so badly, he refuses to go in the gym at night again.   

haunted high school, soquel haunted, santa cruz haunted

Another janitor claims to hear eerie sounds of laughter and talking from inside classrooms, while walking down the corridors at night. Whenever he checks the rooms they are always quiet and empty.  

(- Yet just seconds before they would sound full, as if a class were in session.) 

This janitor became so intrigued and interested in the paranormal activity taking place at the school, he began recording audio while at work to see if he could catch a disembodied voice; in which he did. In the beginning of 2018, he recorded the voice of a young girl saying, “You’re safe.” It was loud and clear, almost sounding as if someone spoke directly into his recorder. He shared the EVP with several individuals who all believe it really is the spirit of a little girl reaching out.   

Soquel High School, haunted school, haunted Soquel


Year established: 1962

401 Old San Jose Road

Soquel, CA 95073

(831) 429-3909



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